Ways To Keep Animals Out Of Your Rental Dumpster

Whether you only need a dumpster for a few days for a minor project, or for years as an ongoing garbage receptacle, renting is a simple way to get the container you need when you need it. Unfortunately, dumpsters can sometimes attract pests. In particular, animals like rodents and raccoons can be drawn to your dumpster for food and shelter. The following are ways you can make the dumpster less attractive to these pests.

#1: Dispose of food items in sealed bags

Although it is impossible to remove all food odors from garbage containing food items, it is possible to mask them somewhat. Never throw loose food or beverages into the dumpster. All garbage should be placed in bags, and then the bags should be sealed before tossing them in the dumpster. Not only does this seal in some of the odor, so it doesn't travel as far, but it also prevents food from spilling and permanently tainting the dumpster with the food scent. Keeping the inside of the dumpster, as well as the area surrounding it, as clean as possible and completely free of food scraps will go a long way towards preventing most pest issues.

#2: Make sure drainage is screened

Some dumpster designs come with small drainage holes along the bottom of the dumpster. This is to ensure condensation and rainwater drains out instead of collecting inside the dumpster. Ideally, these drainage holes should be screened with metal screening, so rodents and other small animals can't make their way inside. If the holes aren't screened, or if the dumpster has holes due to damage, then call the rental company and request a new dumpster.

#3: Secure the lid

All rental dumpsters should come with a lid, which is typically made of metal or plastic. Metal lids are usually heavy enough that an animal cannot lift them to get inside. Plastic lids, on the other hand, can easily be pushed open by larger animal pests, like raccoons. Some dumpster lids come with latches that are designed to foil most animals, although raccoons are smart and can sometimes figure these out. The easiest way to prevent this is to simply place a lock on the lid, which also works well if there is no included latch. Locks can also be used on metal lids to keep human pests out of the dumpster.

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