3 Important Maintenance Measures For Propane Tanks

Propane is an important gas that helps you complete a lot of activities around the house, such as grilling. In order for propane tanks to work correctly and safely, though, they need to be maintained year-round. This won't be challenging thanks to these measures. 

1. Select the Right Storage Location 

Since there is gas inside these tanks, you need to be extremely careful when storing it. You may think that setting one of these tanks inside your home is perfectly okay because it's protected from the weather. This actually leaves your home susceptible to leaks and explosions, so home storage should always be avoided.

Instead, you need to choose a location that's well ventilated and dry. This will prevent the propane tank from experiencing severe temperature fluctuations that could be dangerous. Outside can provide the safest environment, as long as the tank is set up on a stable, even surface. 

2. Keep it Upright

After you've selected the right storage location for your propane tank, you need to make sure it stays upright. You wouldn't want it falling over and thus leaving you exposed to different safety hazards after all. There are many ways you can stabilize a propane tank.

You could, for example, simply set up square wooden blocks around the tank. So if the wind picks up or someone accidentally hits the tank as they walk by, it will remain upright. You could also purchase stabilizers designed to specifically hold propane tanks up. They create an even base and are made out of weatherproof materials for a long-lasting design.

3. Inspect for Overflow 

One of the worst things that could happen to your propane tank is for it to be overfilled. This can happen to your tank from time to time, and it leaves your tank more susceptible to explosions. For this reason, you need to keep an eye out for overflow issues. This involves keeping an eye on the pressure relief valve. 

If this valve goes off, you may have an overflow issue. You should then take the tank in for a thorough inspection. You also need to weigh your tank periodically. If it's above the recommended weight range, it may have too much propane. Again, you'll need to have this issue revolved professionally as a safety precaution. 

Propane tanks come in handy for a lot of daily activities. So that your tanks work safely and effectively, always follow the correct maintenance protocol. You then won't have to worry as much about severe complications. For more information, contact a company like John Graves Propane of Arizona, INC.

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