4 Features to Look for in a Set of Summer Speakers

If hanging outside at the park or the river is more your jam during the summer time, you need some speakers that can keep up with your lifestyle. Make sure that you know what features to look for when picking out the speakers that will broadcast the playlist of your summer.

#1 Bluetooth

The first feature that you want to look for are speakers that are Bluetooth capable. With Bluetooth capable speakers, you don't have to directly link your speakers to the device that is holding your music. You can still use your phone to talk pictures and surf the web while it is also connected to your speakers and blasting music for you to enjoy. Bluetooth capability will allow you to link your speakers with any nearby Bluetooth device, making it easy for all of your friends to broadcast their favorite playlist while you are at the river.

#2 USB Port

The second feature you want to look for is a USB port. A USB port can be useful for a variety of different reasons. If you have a device that doesn't have Bluetooth capabilities, or the Bluetooth just doesn't seem to be pairing right, you can hook up the music player to your speaker and still enjoy some great music.

You also want the speaker to have a USB charger port. This will allow you to plub your speaker into a portable battery with a USB port, or charge it via the USB port in your vehicle. That way, you are not dependent upon regular electricity to charge your speaker and keep it powered.

#3 Waterproof

If you are taking your speaker outside at all, which of course you will be if it is your summer jam speaker, you are going to want to get a waterproof speaker. You don't want to ruin your speaker because someone's dog shook out their coat and got water all over it, or someone tripped and spilled a drink near your speaker.

You don't have to be planning on taking your speaker in a raft for this to be a useful feature. If you plan on taking a speaker outside at all, having a waterproof speaker is a great way to protect the integrity of your speaker.

#3 Radio Capacity

Sometimes it is nice to ditch the playlist and listen to the good old radio. Make sure that your speaker has the capacity to tap into the local radio waves. This can provide you with a break from premade playlists and allow you to connect with the local community and hear music you may not expect.

Learn more about waterproof Bluetooth speakers with USB by contacting local suppliers.

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