3 Ways To Deal With Clogged Drains

If the drains from your house get clogged, they are not going to be able to carry the waste all the way to your sewer. If your sewer drain lines are infiltrated by tree roots, your sewer system is going to eventually fail as well. There are methods you can use to safely clean up clogged plumbing in your home and clogged sewer pipes as well.

1. Break Down Tree Roots

If tree roots have gotten into your septic system, you are going to need a professional plumbing and sewage drainage company to fix the issue. To start with, they can run a plumbing snake through your septic system piping to break up the roots After that, they can use a formula that is made to help tree roots naturally decompose. This unique and safe chemical formula is friendly to the environment and is made to aid in the natural process of breaking down roots and organic material.

2. Clean Drains with Water Jetting

If your drainage pipes are really dirty and clogged, an environmentally safe way to clean your drains is with water jetting. Water jetting uses water that is propelled at a high-pressure rating onto your drainage lines and sewer lines. High-pressured water is used to break up and remove sludge, grim, grease and other debris that builds up inside of your plumbing. This is a safe way to clean your drainage and sewer lines without the use of chemicals.

3. Use Preventative Measures

If you have had clogged drains in the past, one of the best things you can do is to take preventative measures to ensure that you don't experience clogged drains again. When you cook, scrape off fats and cooking oils into the trash or wipe down pots and pans with a paper towel to remove the grease before you rinse off your pans. This will keep grease and fats from building up and clogging your drains coming from your sinks.

In your bathroom, put strainers over the drains to catch stray hairs as well as soap chips that you don't want getting stuck in your drains. This can prevent hair clogs from developing at some point in your drainage system.

You can also plant trees and bushes away from your septic system so that the roots of the trees and bushes do not invade the plumbing of your septic system and damage the pipes.

If you have clogged pipes, you can hire a sewage company to break down the junk in the sewer lines and remove any tree roots that have intruded on the plumbing system. You can use water jetting to clean your drains and naturally remove build-up without using chemicals. Finally, take preventative measures so that your drains don't get clogged up in the first place. For more information, contact your local sewer cleaning service. 

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