Signs Of A Cracked Well Casing And How It's Repaired

A common problem with wells that leads to the need for repairs is a cracked casing. The casing is the tube that extends above the ground and leads to the pump and water below. A casing can last for many years, but under the right circumstances it can be damaged and need to be repaired. Here's how a casing can be damaged, the signs of a bad well casing, and how it's repaired.

What Causes A Well Casing To Crack

A well casing can crack when the ground shifts, such as when there is an earthquake. It's also possible for a casing to crack if it's struck by lightning during a bad storm. The portion of the casing that extends above the ground can be cracked if you run into it with a mower or car. Cracking is more likely when the casing is old, and sometimes the casing just deteriorates due to old age.

When To Suspect The Casing Is Damaged

If you run into the top part of the casing, you can see the damage you cause. The cap or tube might be cracked or chipped. When you see damage, you'll want to call a well service company and have it repaired right away to keep contaminants and bugs out of your water supply. When the crack happens underground, you won't be able to see it. However, the crack lets sand get into the water so you may notice sediment in your water when it comes out of the faucet. The sand may cause clogs in the system that lead to low water flow.

How A Cracked Casing Is Repaired

If you do need to repair the well, the well specialist determines if there is a crack inside the casing and how deep it goes by passing a camera into the pipe. This shows the extent of the damage and the area that needs to be repaired. Repairs are done by placing a new liner inside the casing. The new lining might be the length of the entire casing or it might be a small patch that covers the cracked area. The liner is placed in the tube, and an inflatable tool expands and presses it against the sides of the casing to press the patch in place.

If the crack is above the ground, the well service may recommend that you extend the casing while repairing it and change the grade of the surrounding soil so it slopes away from the casing so it is easier to see and avoid in the future.

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